Tema dan Trend Warna 2014 / 2015

27 October 2013

Assalamualaikum b2b out there~~

Good news untuk uols sebab arini sy nk update tema dan trend warna untuk b2b 2014 mcm sy..hoyeah!!
as uols know, this year trend colournye agak menarik..which i pick one for my engagement theme (tiffany blue/green)
pd yg xtau trend colour this year, meh sy tepek sket.

jatuh cinta x?
hehe..didominasi oleh colour pastel and ceria kn?
untuk tahun 2014, colournye lebih kurang same..but more to soft pastels with vivid brights (bak kate pakar).

jom..check it out~~

 1) Cayenne
Oh Seksi!

2) Dazzling Blue
Oh Cool!

3) Celosia Orange
Oh Stail!

4) Freesia 
Oh Nice!

5) Hemlock
Oh Lovely~

6) Paloma
Oh Klasik!

7) Radiant Orchid
Oh Manis~

8) Placid Blue
Oh Comel!

9) Sand
Oh Tanahku~

10) Violet Tulip
Oh Rare~

Yeay!! Sila over excited! hehe..ya..sy paham..colour2 2014 cantik tertarik the boommmm kn?
so..harus lah dipilih ikut kesesuaian ye..jgn main bedal je..
paling penting selesa dan sedap mate2 tetamu yg memandang ('',)

For me?
hmm............blom decide lg..
will do!
For time being...mcm tertarik dgn Sand, Cayenne and Celosia Orange maybe?
dont know yet..but i'll update as soon i decide our weeding theme okey?
Kredit gambar dan info : Pantone & Pamela Hope


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