Tiffany Blue Ombre Hand Bouquet for SALE

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Looking for hand bouquet for your BIG day? ade buat hand bouquet khas untuk b2b yg nk kwen ('',)
Cantek sgtttt untuk dipegang mase kenduri awk2 nnt~~
Since Ombre mcm tgh "in" sekarang nih..
So..this is my Tiffany Blue Ombre Hand Bouquet

Meh order meh..
This one also for sale..
Bole pm untuk price okey?

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p/s : I used to use Imotiv as commenting system..but now switching back to Blogger commenting system. Komen2 awk2 sebelum ni sumenye ilang :( 
as a new blooger, komen itu xpe..if awk2 rjin..bole komen blk..hehe ('',)
refer sini untuk pencerahan~

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