Been busy lately. Find the idea to sketch the dais craving. Understandably, man entered the contest. hehe
I'm a very kind old brother Thursday until zyra scolds. Ask for forgiveness.
Today feel like an update about my mom favorite trifle.
My Mak very wide object ni la likes to sometimes scramble with children. (-.-)
Trifle ni there are various types. among them:

caramel trifle

chocolate trifle

strawberry trifle

mix fruit trifle

tiramisu trifle..

I've try several flavors, but my mom still loves the tiramisu.
This is a result of water tiramisu my own hands. 

amateur again. Hehe. Delicious!! (Praise yourself): P

As the saying mom, think of ice cream.
Who wants to try, can try for a very simple way to do.


Kek Span Brown
250ml Whipping cream
250g Cream cheese
Serbuk koko
nescafe powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Water to brew Nescafe
1/2 cup caster sugar


1) Campurkan cream cheese, whipping cream, esen vanila, gula castor..
2) Play all ingredients until well blended.
3) Mix water with a spoonful of small nescafe earlier. Mix sugar
4) Cut the sponge cake per container that you want (I use short glass)
5) Dampen Nescafe cake with water (do not soak until soft, nor yes)
6) Place the bottom layer of moist cake
7) Remove the shark cheese
8) Use a filter, sprinkle cocoa powder over the cheese
9) the same process that last until ready

happy right? Very pleased ~~
la..nanti trying to tell me yes ( '',)


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