Shizens Visage Collection Malaysia Review

25 April 2017

Assalamualaikum. This is the first time I tried Ayue Shizens makeup of this brand. Excited feels right. Seems preoccupied lately Ayue other partners try Shizens latest collection, "Shizens Visage Collection" . Ayue this time also want to try. Yeay!

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Shizens Visage Collection

Shizens Visage Collection represents the latest makeup collection Shizens of 4 products,  Natural Pore Nutrient PRO Foundation, Hue-Duo Eyeshadow, Eyeliner Aqua and Smack Lips . Let's see what bestnya each product is okay.

Shizens Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO | Harga : RM242

Shizens Natural Pore Nutrient foundation Foundation Stick PRO is very light (lightweight). Feel like not wearing anything on my face. 100 & talc-free and has Vitamin E for hydration purposes. What is the foundation Ayue like this can make our face look natural but for medium coverage, apply 2 Ayue contact layer to face Ayue ni. It's known, reluctant to face flawless. Hehe. There is only one course shades, and shades ni Ayue taste according to Ayue. Right?

This Foundation comes with 2 sponge. Ayue tried to blend in with this foundation sponge provided blender and beauty that always Ayue to that. Guess what? Sponge rendered more efficient and look more smooth! No wonder he is for up to 2 sponge right. It's pretty easy and finishing it.

Shizens Hue-Duo Eye Shadow | Harga : RM136

Shizens Duo Eye Shadow Hue-ni have 3 shades that you can choose among Mocha Glow, Khaki Pink Glitz and Sepia. The Ayue try ni is in shades Sepia Pink . There are two colors in it, a bright pink and another pink a bit dark in which both shimmer.

Ayue actually rarely use eye shadow color is pink, sometimes je mood when there is reason often Ayue more natural colors to look daily. But Ayue for this color, Ayue like reason appears to be more cheerful and fresh. The color is highly pigmented and most Ayue like is it is very easy to blend!

Shizens Aqua Eyeliner | Harga: RM95

Aqua Eyeliner Shizens anyway there are 2 shades that you can choose the Black and Brown. The Ayue try ni Brown . This eyeliner Interestingly, it is in the form of a cushion! This is the first time ever Ayue to cushion eyeliner. Excited to want to try. Comes with a brush, so you do not have to worry about how do you apply eyeliner to your eyes ni je apparently simple reason.

Just keep dup brush into the cushion and draw it into your eyes. They are very pigmented and smooth course during Ayue apply. What Ayue like is it durable and not dirty at all. Ayue daily also try this eyeliner, long-lasting indeed. 

Shizens Smack Lips | Harga: RM89

Shizens Smack Lips mempunyai 4 shades iaitu dalam Red Cherry, Plum Wine, Cherry Blossom dan Orange Tango. Yang Ayue cuba ni adalah Orange Tango. Seriuosly Ayue sangat suka matte lipstick ni sebab dia ada bau buah. Best je rasa masa apply. Liquid matte lipstick ni sangat tahan lama dan mempunyai coconut oil dan sunflower butter untuk tujuan melembapkan bibir. 

Although she is quite bright colors on Ayue, but when they apply the color is acceptable. For the first 3 hours, still pretty lipstick lip Ayue, but maybe lip Ayue kind of very dry, so he quickly broke then.

Overall, Ayue like the latest collection Shizens ni. A nearly complete collection to make full makeup look. Among the four-four ni Ayue product most like foundationnya. Very lightweight and less oily. But because she is one shades je, please try before buy ok?

Prices introduction to a collection of only RM199 ni !! But only on  1 March to 31 May 2017 only tau. If you hit cuba nak quickly grab ok?

Oh yes, you can also get FREE Shizens makeover counter by showing unique code:  VISAGE01 . Then do not forget to join the selfie contest is being run by Shizens ever. Visage Challenge 2.0! Contest starting from 15 April to 15 May 2017 .

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