This is Why You Should Get Married at a Golf Club

06 April 2017

Are wedding bells on the horizon? Congratulations! If you’re getting married, you must be so excited. There is a lot to plan and do before the wedding. One of the most important things is to figure out where you want the wedding to be. Some people want a church wedding, and that’s fine. However, there are other options that don’t involve reception halls or hotels. Yes, I'm talking about the outdoor wedding venue. One of them is the golf course. Golf clubs and courses are a great place to have your wedding instead of the traditional venues. Here are a few reasons why doing it in a golf club may be the best choice ever.

The Surroundings are Magnificent
Most golf courses strive to maintain beauty above all else. Courses are known for their scenery and serenity. They are tended to daily if not hourly and are landscaped to perfection. The beautiful gardens, waterways, trees and wooded areas all add to the natural beauty of a golf course. You can typically find bodies of water like ponds around the courses that make for perfect photo ops too. Golf clubs are beautiful in any weather, so you could even get married in the fall if you wanted.

You Get the Best of Dining
Golf clubs aren’t just places where people gather to play golf. They are used for special events all the time due to their surroundings. Many corporate events and retreats are held at these venues. Because of this, the dining facilities of golf clubs are built for the big leagues. World class chefs, incredible staff, and the best food in the world is all part and parcel of having a wedding in a golf club. There is no need to hire a caterer for the event or anything else.

It Doesn’t Have to Just Be a Wedding
For many people, a wedding isn’t a single event. It is a series of events that lead up to the grand finale. Well, you can host all these events at a golf club if you want to. The rehearsal, dinners, parties and many other activities can be held here if you book the place for long enough. The best part is that you can get everyone to participate in a friendly game of golf too. You can host brunches and celebrations throughout the night if needed, and the day after the wedding can be spent in recovery at a golf club too.

You Get All the Space You Need
Golf clubs are huge places. Whether you’re holding your ceremony inside or outside, you’re going to have a lot of space to work with. You don’t have to worry about overcrowding like you would at a church. There is also ample parking, so there won’t be any cars blocking the street. The wedding will go off so much smoother if you have it in a golf club simply because of the massive spaces opened up to you. Take the time to host your wedding at a golf club and see the difference almost immediately.


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