Five Best Resorts for a Girl’s Getaway in Malaysia

24 May 2017

When the hustle and bustle of life gets to be too much, sometimes you just need to get away with your girlfriends and have a relaxing weekend. Living on the east coast, we’ve done just about everything in NYC, and all the things to do in Boston. Plus, every once in awhile, we need some real tropical sun!

There are lots of resort options for going wild and having a party weekend, but when you really just want to unwind and bring it back to center, these five resorts can help you and your girlfriends download real relaxation and recharge for the weeks ahead.

1. The Shorea, Seremban

Pack your yoga mats and get ready for a weekend of tranquility and calmness. The Shorea offers sunlite patios where you can stretch out and sip cool water with fruit. The patio is also great for throwing open those yoga mats and having a quiet stretch. Located near the forest reserve of Berembun, the cool breezes rustling through the trees will help you and your girlfriends achieve total relaxation. The resort is complete with an infinity pool for you and your friends to enjoy.

2. Fig Hill Tree Resort, Penang

Tucked away from the busy beach and city, Fig Hill Tree Resort offers peaceful, tree draped relaxation and privacy. The report offers a pool and spa, serene surroundings and the feel of sleeping amongst the trees. Your girlfriends will appreciate the opportunity to escape the busy city and spend some quality time together.

3. Banjaran Hot Springs, Ipoh

Nothing says a girls’ weekend like a hot springs! Pack your swimsuits and get ready to unwind in the most amazing way: sitting in a natural hot springs of a limestone mountain. The resort also offers amazing spa treatments and fantastic service. The girls will thank you for finding this luxury resort gem!

4. Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, but don’t want to travel too far from the cityscapes, try a weekend at Villa Samadhi. This getaway offers a spacious and beautiful pool surrounding by spa-like scenery. You’ll never know you are so close to the city. You and your girlfriends can enjoy a close-to-home relaxing experience at a moment’s notice. You can also take day trips to Villa Samadhi and explore a little further to see the elephant sanctuary not far from the resort.

5. Casabrina, Pahang

If the cure for what ails you is luxury and pampering, then a weekend retreat at the 6 start resort Casabrina is the place for you. Built from beautiful, eco-friendly materials, you get the sense that a lot of quality and care went into creating the perfect relaxing retreat for those who need it most. Beautiful pools, serene landscapes and delicious food are just the beginning of this spectacular resort.

Whatever your weekend retreat needs, Malaysia has something amazing to offer you. From affordable and quaint, to luxurious and bountiful, you will find exactly what you need and more at any one of Malaysia’s fine resorts. Start planning your girls’ weekend now, or take a last minute trip into a total state of relaxation! But most importantly, regardless of where you and your girlfriends stay, enjoy each other’s company. After all, a girls’ weekend is all about the girls!


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  1. Nice one. I've never been to any of those listed place yet! Maybe will try to go there with my friends soon. InshaaAllah!


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