The Baja Bug: The Vehicle for your Creative Soul?

22 June 2017

Born in Southern California, the Baja Bug, is the original Volkswagen Beetle modified for rough off-road terrain of open deserts, sand dunes, and beaches. The first modified Baja Bug for, is credited to the creative Dave Deal, a cartoonist from California.

Is the Baja Bug the vehicle for creatives?

Described as a utilitarian vehicle, the Baja is heavily customizable and not just for racing or off-road use. For the creative, the Baja Bug has the potential to be a vehicle that does more than insight the shouts “Punch Buggy, no Punch Backs!” and the following onset of the pounding of fists, as you drive past. But rather “oohs” and “ahhs” as passersby’s take in your work of art, a vintage classic brought back to life.

For the creative, the Baja Bug can become another outlet for creative expression, for displaying your personality and individuality. Still not convinced? Here are some ways you can add your style to your vehicle and join the Baja Bug Club:

Change that Bod
The renowned Baja Bug is known for its customizability. Basic modifications to the body can be simple for the creatives looking for a customized exterior. To change, you first remove sheet metal, consisting of the trunk lid edge and rearward. Then a light weight fiberglass, a type of reinforced plastic, fits to the front body.

To create space for off-road tires, required to tackle rough terrain, you can raise and stiffen the rugged torsion bar front and rear suspension. To help dampen and control bumps, giving the driver more control and comfort, you can add longer shock absorbers.

Baja Bug conversions are so popular that there are kits available to help with the process. You can find a kit, or any part, you need to make the body modifications of Baja possible.

If you’re not big on the more technical aspects of making your Baja Bug truly yours, there are simple ways to make your statement: custom decals and paints.

A vintage looking vehicle looks incredible with a classic paint colour, and maybe a couple of stickers to seal the deal. Check out some these amazing conversions here:

Uniquely Yours, Inside and Out
Most people love customizing the inside of their cars: coloured interior lights, bobblehead collections on dashboards, audiophile-grade stereo systems, or even fluffy dice dangling from rear-view mirrors. But there’s nothing like customizing the interior of a vintage vehicle. It’s like bringing the past to the present, like adding a splash of colour, life, and your own unique personality to something nearly frozen in time.

If you check out sites like Pinterest, or the Baja Bug Club, you’ll see all the simple, and also elaborate, ways members of the Baja Bug Club left their mark on a classic and iconic vehicle. You might even be inspired to make your mark on a Baja Bug of your own.


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