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29 September 2020

The most tangled problem for the pudgy girl is the single product of the dress, so today, for some fat girls, Feelingirldress can bring you some plus-size women's style clothes. Click and check cheap wholesale plus size clothing 


01. Strap plus size jumpsuit 

Podgy girls can also wear jumpsuits, but it is not recommended to wear some very slim-fit skirts. The large one-piece like the above is very recommended, and the waist is not obvious. The waistline, the upper body can realize the invisible belly, and there is a strap design on the back, which is very inclusive. 


02. Waist printed chiffon plus size jumpsuit 

A chiffon dress with a full-length feminine flavour. The straps on the waist can be adjusted freely. The length of the mid-length model can be worn without losing a fashionable and playful atmosphere. The body is rich in printing elements. The slightly loose skirt design makes you wear a French romantic feminine feeling. 



03.V-necktie plus size dress 

Podgy girls are not recommended to wear very slim dresses, but some dresses with strap designs can still be worn at will. Generally, dresses decorated with straps can cover the flab and wear a thin visual effect. Pure color V-neck strapped large-size dress, simple version design can give enough space for the figure, the loose skirt is stiff and stylish skirt, wearing a feeling of casual freedom. 



04. Bowknot short sleeve plus size fairy dress 

The waist and cuffs are designed with a slimming effect. The all-match black large-size fairy skirt, casual and casual skirts, the podgy girl's upper body can not see the weight of the body at all, and the invisible high waist waistline is still It can naturally play a role in waste reduction, so that podgy girls of any body shape can look thin. 



05. Hoodies and sweatshirts for women 

As an autumn item, sweaters can be worn in various ways. 

It can be matched with over-the-knee boots. If you feel that your bare legs are too exposed, or when the weather is cold, you can wear a pair of over-the-knee boots to keep you warm. Worried about wardrobe malfunction? Then put on a pair of shorts, the color should be the same as the sweatshirts so that it won't look abrupt. 



It can also be matched with stockings. The principle is the same as matching over-the-knee boots, but this combination is more suitable for school girls. It's a bit too mature to wear knee boots, but it's just right to match stockings with sneakers. The color of the sweater and stockings are the same to look better. You can also match shorts. The sporty wide David suit, with a pair of shorts, socks, and sneakers, is a very youthful and lively student outfit. A shirt tied around the waist not only adds a sense of hierarchy but also indirectly creates a waistline. 


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